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Great artists need time to reflect before getting to work. Before running to your paint brushes, take a moment to fully absorb the information down below.

What is climate

It is the long-term change in average weather patterns, as a consequence of global warming.
When humans burn too many greenhouse gases, the Earth’s temperature rises, causing irreversible alterations to its energy balance.

The importance
of country

Climate change in Australia is more than an environmental issue, it has political and social repercussions. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are facing the loss of sacred country, culture and rights to make decisions that affect this land1. They are intimately connected to Country and have knowledge and cultural practices that should be centred in the fight against climate change.

Learn more by heading to 1Seed Mob and the Lowitja Institute.
Extinction of Animals and Plants
We are currently experiencing the 6th mass extinction of animals and plants
→ damaging farming and agricultural practices
→ greenhouse gases
→ predation
create a short film on an endangered animal that lives near you.
“Australia has lost more mammal species than any other continent”
Extreme Weather Events (bushfires, floods, droughts)
Extreme weather events have nearly doubled in Australia over the past decades
→ droughts threaten our water supplies and our basic human needs
→ In 2020, the bushfires burned 46 million acres of land, equivalent to more than 15 times the size of Sydney area
→ floods are extremely detrimental to Indigenous populations: they are torn away from Country when evacuated from their flooded lands.
What are some words that come to you when thinking about extreme weather events? Write them down, and see if you can compose a poem that reflects the urgency of tending to these issues.
Pollution of our air and waterways 
Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. It occurs via the contamination of air and water by substances that are detrimental to living organisms.
→ our air is mainly polluted by fossil fuels, burned by industries and transportation
→ our waters are contaminated by microplastics: on average, we ingest about one credit card worth of plastic every week!
Create an artwork using items picked up from beach cleanups